As we welcome in the New Year, many of us have set resolutions to achieve. Common goals include eating better, creating new meals, or even learning to cook! Whether you’re just getting started in the kitchen or looking to improve your abilities, it all starts with having the proper equipment. Check out the list below for ten kitchen necessities that every newcomer or seasoned chef should have.

  1. Knife sharpener

While it may be obvious to have a set of knives in your kitchen, owning a sharpener might be overlooked. As your blades begin to dull and aren’t delivering smooth and precise cuts, a sharpener will bring your tools back to life. Chopping with a set of dull knives can become frustrating for any level of cooking. Keep your slices clean!

  1. Cutting board

Cutting boards are another overlooked item as beginners may opt for plates or towels. This isn’t always be the best strategy for utilizing space and minimizing messes. Keep your countertops safe while adding character to your kitchen with a wooden piece!

  1. Shears

Opening packages, trimming fat, slicing veggies and herbs, you name it. Kitchen shears will come in handy one way or another. This tool also adds a degree of safety to your arsenal, as you can avoid using knives in situations where shears are favorable. Precision cutting is extremely useful in the cooking world.

  1. Tongs

Whether you’re flipping crispy bacon or turning juicy chicken breasts, a pair of tongs will add convenience and safety to your kitchen. Name a better way to pull delicious corn on the cob from boiling water than with a pair of tongs!

  1. Whisk

Can perfect scrambled eggs be created without a whisk? You be the judge. Sifting together dry ingredients or mixing up dressings, a whisk will have a multitude of uses within your kitchen.

  1. Cast-iron skillet

Different than your average pan, this sturdy and heavy piece will last you a lifetime with the right care. Oven safe, presentable, and incredibly diverse. Cook or bake anything from the perfect steak to a juicy apple pie in your cast-iron skillet.

  1. Slow cooker

Pick and place your ingredients into your slow cooker, and let it work its magic. Chili, soup, pulled pork or chicken, your slow cooker will not let you down with any recipe.

  1. Colander

Make your life in the kitchen easier when it comes to washing veggies, fruits, or pasta noodles. Leave the wet mess behind and freshen your greens the right way!

  1. Immersion blender

For your juices, smoothies, soups, sauces, or purees! These handheld tools are quicker and easier to operate than a standard blender, and can work just as well with the appropriate recipes.

  1. Zester

A more fine grater, add a professional touch to your dishes! Perfect for lemon or lime zest on dishes or cocktails.

So grab your gear and get cooking! It’s never too late to start your own adventure in the kitchen. You may just discover the hobby (or dish) you’ve been looking for.