88 Fitness Training offers their members personalized workouts and nutritional plans that help them achieve their health and fitness goals. I had the pleasure of meeting with two of the three founders at their home gym located in Churchville, MD.  

Camille Robbins, Michigan native, started her journey towards health and wellness to lose unwanted weight. She turned to lifting and it became a passion. “I wanted to help others in the same situation,” Robbins stated. Working at Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG), she was able to train for a professional weight lifting competition outside of her full-time job. James Houston was her coach. About a year ago, Robbins became certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and began offering her services to other community members.  

James Houston, Elkton native, served two tours in the army. His love for fitness developed in his first tour. “There were two tents we could visit during our downtime; movies or weights,” Houston proclaimed. When he left the Army in 1999, he went right into fitness. He competed and won his first national show and became part of the International Federation of Body Builders. While also working at APG, he is able to continue to train community members and prepare for more competitions. 

88 Fitness Training got its name from the idea of “constant new beginnings.” The number 8 when turned sideways is an infinity symbol and Robbins and Houston believe that “you can always reinvent yourself and keep creating new challenges.”  

Robbins, Houston, and their third partner, Patricia Coates, have taken Covid and turned it into a positive for business. With people straying away from bigger gym settings and class training, they offer private training in a smaller and cleaner setting. They also were able to offer virtual training to those who felt more comfortable at home.  

For the team of 88 Fitness Training, their goal is to help community members with lifestyle changes they’re ready to make. Whether its weight lifting competitions or just your standard weight loss, they work with you on a personalized plan to get you where you want to be. Be sure to follow them on social media or check out their website for more information.  

Website: http://88fitnesstraining.com  


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