“Girls today have so much to deal with social media and other outlets,” stated Stephanie White, the co-creator of the Girls United Summer Camp 

Stephanie grew up in Harford County and just like a lot of young women, she struggled with body image issues. She went on to become a kindergarten teacher and has noticed that girls as young as her students are struggling with mindset troubles. It was time for a change.  

She teamed up with friend and fellow co-worker Allison Hunsinger to write an award-winning curriculum for a volunteer program called Girls Run the Nation. Once Covid plagued our county, she saw that girls needed mindset help now more than ever. Stephanie and Allison created Girls United Summer Camp to teach young girls to be confident, be a friend, and find ways to take care of yourself starting at a young age.  

At camp girls are able to experience different wellness activities and concepts that teach them plenty of ways to be social and to create healthy mindset practices. Each day of the camp has a different theme with related activities for the girls to dive into.  

In an age where digital media rules the world, this is so important! Empowering girls at a young age will allow them to continue these healthy mindset activities throughout their adolescence and beyond. They have sold out this summer but there is always next year! In the meantime, you can sign up to be on the waiting list in case a spot opens up.  

If you have any questions or want to learn more, visit their website www.girlsunitedcamphc.com or visit their social media pages.