Susan Wheeler started Ola Hydrogen Wellness with one mission in mind, to help heal individuals from the inside out. Hydrogen inhalation therapy is most commonly used in the Europe, Japan, and other Eastern countries. Susan, a Harford County native, has a heavy background in biology, pathology, and testing tissues. She and her husband moved to Hawaii for about four years and she began to learn more about the numerous health benefits to Hydrogen. “There isn’t an organ or system in the body that does not benefit from hydrogen inhalation or molecular hydrogen,” stated Susan.  

Susan opened Ola in October of 2020. Ola is the Hawaiian word, meaning health, wellness, and healing. Some of the benefits include, more energy, less brain fog, reduced levels of pain and inflammation, helps with sleeping patterns, allergies, and asthma, good for athletic performance and recovery, and ultimate hydration. It also helps with high blood pressure! “For me, it was the sleep and feeling good areas to improve upon,” Susan claims. 

She has helped so many community members overcome some hard obstacles. Did you know that hydrogen is 170 times stronger than Vitamin C? I sure didn’t! Susan helped open my eyes to the possibility of being healthier and feeling better just in 30 minutes of hydrogen inhalation. You inhale the gas through a nasal cannula that sits just at the base of your nose so there is no discomfort. Once you have completed your first session, you keep your nasal cannula for your next visit.  

In a case that hit close to home for Susan, she was able to help her brother through a tough recovery process after nearly losing both of his arms. Hydrogen has helped him heal from the inside out and has helped aid in the fight against wounds, burns, etc. It has been such a natural healer, that the National Institute of Health (NIH), has starting funding studies to use it to treat Covid in Japan! 

What Susan has brought to the community is amazing! There is nothing like this within hundreds of miles of Maryland. “It has been a blessing to see how many people this has helped locally,” Susan proclaimed. She continues to spread the knowledge to community members one inhalation therapy at a time! 

Another service she provides is teeth whitening. She also promotes local candle shop, More Than a Home, based out of Abingdon, sells eco-friendly eyewear, 14k gold fill jewelry, essential oils, and some very cute boutique clothes.  

As her business continues to grow and educate people, she looks to keep adding to Ola. Susan has a true treasure that is buried in the heart of Bel Air at My Salon Suite. Visit her website today and check her out on social media to see more benefits of hydrogen and what she can do for you!