How many of you can answer these questions without having to call on a family member for the answers? 

  • What was your grandfather’s first job? 
  • What is your grandmother’s favorite recipe?  
  • What is the story behind the great holiday tradition we do every year?  
  • How did your grandparents meet?  

If we have learned anything over the past year, it’s how important our loved ones are to us. Communication is key and sharing stories is a great way to call on memories that we have put on the back burner over the years.  

Allow us to introduce Life Story Videos (LSV)! Their mission is to capture your loved one’s legacy through the art of story-telling. The power of video goes a long way and home movies have been around for years. The idea behind LSV is to give you the video that will continue to live on through generations. Family history is important and it is a part of who we are. We should celebrate those who came before uscontinue to honor them, and have their stories live on.  

Not only do they do stories for people, but they offer a pet option too! Pets hold a special place in many individual’s hearts. Our furry family members love us unconditionally and we should celebrate their lives too.   

Check out the website to see some of the stories they‘ve told so far. They have options to overlay family pictures, videos, and other media in order to customize your family’s legacy. Give your family a gift that will last lifetimes.  


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