Many Maryland students may not be able to physically return to school this fall, but that doesn’t mean they have to be stuck at home.

I2i Education is creating Learning Spaces to give middle school and high school students and parents more options and flexibility when it comes to virtual learning. 

Learning Spaces are being set up at locations in and around Harford County to give students an opportunity to get out of the house to complete their online distance learning in a clean, safe, socially-distanced work space. Each Learning Space will be staffed by a skilled on-site tutor who can offer guidance and general academic assistance as students complete their synchronous and asynchronous distance learning. 

“We’ve heard from a lot of parents who are concerned about another semester of remote learning where engagement can be difficult. Several more months of students stuck at home, working at their computers in isolation,” Mike Ionescu, Director of i2i Education, said. “Learning Spaces are safe, learning-focused environments where students can go to work, which frees parents to focus on their own jobs.”

Safety is a primary focus of the Learning Space design. Each Learning Space student will be assigned a unique, socially-distanced work space. All students and staff must wear masks at all times, and all work spaces are sanitized between uses, in accordance with state and CDC guidelines.

I2i is partnering with multiple locations (see their information page for the up to date list) to create these Learning Spaces in an effort to provide increased access and convenience for parents and students, and to address some of the often overlooked consequences of distance learning. 

“We see a diverse range of students for tutoring, and it’s not just that distance learning reduces the amount of material students retain. The mental and emotional toll of distance learning has been incredible,” Ionescu said. “The isolation can cause depression, loss of energy, and reduced attention-span.” 

“These Learning Spaces aren’t exactly a replacement for classrooms – students won’t be engaging in group work, for example,” Ionescu said, “but at least they give students a chance to get outside of the house and be surrounded by their peers.”

Each Learning Space will have unique hours and availability, with reservations starting soon, but the majority plan to be open for the equivalent of full virtual school days, starting at 7:30am Monday through Friday. Some locations will have shortened evening sessions to offer after school opportunities for students who need assistance with their daily assignments. 

For more information on Learning Spaces and availability visit the i2i Education Learning Space page.