Before we put the gas pedal on Christmas cheer, we wanted to make sure we highlight our favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. I know 2020 has not been ideal and this holiday season might be different for some, so we wanted to give you some new recipes to try. Many families will not be travelling this year which is upsetting, we know, but to look at it in a positive light, this might be the year to try that new healthy dish for you and your family to enjoy!   

  1. The Healthy Green Bean Casserole – who doesn’t love green bean casserole? Now usually this is made with cream of mushroom but this recipe calls for a lighter base for the cream sauce. You don’t want to be too full for dessert! ( ) 
  1. Cauliflower Stuffing – We have been seeing a cauliflower trend when it comes to replacing bread this year. This recipe allows you to still have the amazing flavors of the spices and herbs from stuffing! How amazing is that?! As a stuffing lover, I would most certainly give this a try. ( ) 
  1. Balsamic Roasted Veggies – Veggies at our table is a must! This recipe calls for brussels sprouts and carrots, but you can certainly add your favorite veggies to the mix. If you have an air fryer, this will be the easiest dish to put together. Combine the veggies with some dried cranberries and pecans, and you have yourself the perfect roasted dish. ( ) 
  1. Sweet Potato Salad – There are numerous amounts of nutrients in sweet potatoes! This dish is another light side that combines 7 simple ingredients. There is also the option to make the signature dressing for some extra flavor. ( ) 
  1. Bloomin’ Apples – This might be all of the craze this Thanksgiving. These mini caramel apple treats are topped with ice cream for the perfect dessert. Pie has some serious competition this year! ( ) 
  1. Crockpot Skinny Mashed Potatoes – Only 3 ingredients: potatoes, chive cream cheese, and chicken broth, with the optional salt and pepper to taste. This recipe brings all the flavors of your regular mashed potatoes dish with less than half the calories! ( ) 

You can find other great recipes by clicking the link below. If you try any of these yummy recipes, provided by delish, we would love to hear how they turned out. Happy cooking and let’s make the best of this Covid Thanksgiving!