Yoga has been known to help individuals in a number of ways, whether it’s to relieve them of stress, give them more “me” time, or even to get stronger both mentally and physically. BeachBee Yoga offers all of that and more! Located in Havre de Grace, BeachBee Yoga is the perfect place for individuals who may just be starting out or for individuals who are experienced yogis. Christina Bollino became the owner in 2016 and has quite the background. She has always been drawn to exercise whether it was working at fitness centers, teaching ballroom dance, yoga, or personal training.  

“I love working with people,” Bollino exclaims. “I try to encourage everyone that it’s their own practice no matter what exercise they are taking part in.” Bollino received her degree in Psychology and then furthered her education, receiving her Masters in Nutrition Integrative Health. These are just two other elements that she brings to her yoga studio. She helps individuals make that mental and emotional connection (mind, body, spirit) as well as acting as a health coach to ensure everyone is becoming the healthiest version of themselves.  

Some of the amazing classes BeachBee Yoga and it’s nine different instructors offer are paddleboard yoga, ballroom dancing, Pilates, Zumba, and of course, standard yoga practices. Bollino and her staff work hard in order to fit all of the pieces of the health puzzle together for individuals practicing at their studio. If you are looking for a place to start your yoga practice, or maybe even just in need of a personal coach to help you navigate these times, BeachBee Yoga is the perfect fit for you!  



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