We may or may not have lost count of how many days we’ve been working from home. We mentioned in an earlier article that it’s very important to have balance between your work and your home life. We know this is very difficult when your home also becomes your office. Here are some ways to spend your weekend and have it not feel like just any other day of the week!


This is simple and we all know we need to do it. Most of us are guilty of picking up our phones, checking social media, emails, the news, our steps, but we need to put our phones on “Do Not Disturb” or even off starting Friday evening. This applies to our laptops, tablets and every little device in between. This also means taking your workspace and putting it all away until Monday morning. Start your weekend off with a fresh space, clean up a little, light a candle and really refresh your home. 


Unless you’re streaming a movie or TV show, just put the devices away! Do something relaxing, cook dinner, watch a movie, or even play a game. Really remove yourself from your “work mode” maybe enjoy some tea, something sweet, maybe a cheese board or wine. We recommend meditating if you can. If you need some help these apps are great (just remember to not get caught up on your phone or on the internet)

What Now?

Alright, you’re unplugged and relaxed! Now it’s time to do something fun, relaxing and/or productive. If you have children I’m sure you know this is all easier said than done. We are all practicing social distancing so some activities may be limited but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time. Here is a list of fun family weekend activities you can enjoy while social distancing: 

  • Read a book and then watch the movies. You can even split this up by family members. Read here for more ideas!
  • Theme your weekends! Just like you theme parties, you can theme your weekends. For example you have a camping themed weekend and build tents/ forts, roast marshmallows on the grill or stove top and so much more.
  • Do a Puzzle.
  • Try that recipe you’ve had sitting around or try a new recipe! Here’s some cooking inspo.
  • Be productive! Maybe you have a huge pile of socks you have to match or a shirt you’ve been meaning to sew a new button on to. Use this time to do all the little things you’ve been putting off. Including having the kids do chores they’ve been putting off. 
  • Do you and your family like sports? Watch some of the best old sport games and documentaries. Here is a great list!

If you tried, or are planning to try any of these fun weekend activities let us know! If you have anything to add, also let us know! Times are tough right now but it’s very important that we all stay patient and get through this together, social distancing is essential in flattening the curve. Please stay safe & please stay healthy!