Knockout Boxing in Bel Air is the perfect full body workout if you are looking for a fun new way to get fit and have fun. Combining boxing with H.I.T.T (high intensity interval training) you stay moving the entire workout. Opening in July of 2019, they have brought a new type of energy to town! 

Offering classes for kids, cardio classes, and skill level classes, this is the place for everyone to come and train at their own pace. They even offer private training sessions if you are looking for one on one time with a trainer. With two locations in Delaware, Middletown and Newark, and one in Bel Air, all locations come together as one team. “This place is really a community within itself. It’s good company and everyone is so friendly,” stated trainer Sam Foster, who got her start at one of the Delaware locations. One Friday every month there are “Knockout Nights” where the members, adults and kids, of Knockout Boxing get together for dinner at a local restaurant where they can get to know more about each other outside of the gym. They also have a program called Down to Box which is a program that they offer to anyone with intellectual disabilities. 

Open house is May 22nd from 11-4pm and there will be food and music. You will be able to check out a class for yourself. Knockout will be offering a cardio class at 12, skilled class at 1, sparring at 2, and down to box at 3. There will be games (such as cornhole) and a game of tug of war between the gyms!