The Rogue Swan Theatre Company is a local creative group who has been impacted heavily by Covid. Please take a moment to read how you could help a this group keep their performances alive!

A message from Rogue Swan Theatre Company:

We are a local troupe that have a full band plus singers and dancers. In total our troupe has about 30 members. We don’t audition, we have just found people we love to work with along the way, some move on and some stay but we all work together to create a unique performance experience. We have performed everything from traditional theatre to themed concerts but have become most well known for our modern Vaudevilles. Songs from every genre woven together to give them a new twist and create a new story for our audience to enjoy.
Due to COVID 19 we haven’t been able to perform as a full troupe in over a year. We had several performances lined up in 2020 that we had to cancel for the safety of both our audience and our troupe members.
Since we couldn’t perform live we started a Youtube page and started making music videos from some of our favorite songs, still with our Rogue twist. We tried to make them interesting and personal in order to connect with what everyone was experiencing during the first year of COVID. We named it our Social Distancing Series and it is up on our YouTube page if anyone is interested.
Now we are looking towards the future as the vaccination roll out continues and are hopeful to be able to perform again live sometime in 2021. In order to do that we need help from our audience so we decided to do another music video series and make it into a fundraiser. In the hopes to engage our audience we are letting them vote for the songs we will perform for this video series. There are different donation levels, and each donation level has a different number of votes attached so the more you donate the more votes you get towards what videos we will perform. The fundraiser is on Indiegogo with all of the instructions and move of our story. Just look up Rogue Swan on there website and you will see our signature black swan.
Even if someone doesn’t have the money to donate it is incredibly helpful to like and follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) and share our information and the fundraiser with others. We are grateful for the attention this has received and are really looking forward to being back in front of an audience once it is safe for everyone to enjoy it.
Here is a link to our fundraiser: