Roses are red, violets are blue, and we have 14 fun Valentine’s Day facts for you! With the holiday right around the corner, get yourself in the loving spirit and enjoy classic traditions. 

1. This year roughly 25 billion dollars is projected in Valentine’s Day sales. That’s a lot of love!

2. Around four billion dollars of those sales will be toward jewelry. Order your gifts now before it’s too late! 

3. The average man spends $130 on Valentine related gifts, while ladies spend around $70. Sorry fellas! 

4. Pets are loved too! Every year roughly nine million people get their pets a love-related gift for the day. 

5. For those that aren’t able to see loved ones during the holiday, fear not! Over 144 million greeting cards are sent for Valentine’s Day.

6. Next to Christmas, it is the second largest card giving day. Hallmark first offered Valentine’s Day cards back in 1913. 

7. Valentine’s Day is particularly best for florists. It accounts for 30% of all holiday flower purchases! 

8. Roses are red, violets are ignored. Roses count for over half of flower sales through the day. Just watch out for thorns! 

9. Teachers receive the most Valentine’s according to Good Housekeeping. This is well deserved! 

10. Couples eager for a proposal are also in luck, as Valentine’s Day is the fifth most popular engagement day. Christmas, Christmas Eve, the Sunday before Christmas, and New Year’s Eve all ranked higher. Love is in the air! 

11. The National Confectioners Association claims that both men and women prefer chocolate over flowers for this special day. No surprise here! 

12. In Maryland the top three candies purchased for Valentine’s Day are M&M’s, Conversation Hearts, and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate. If you have a sweet tooth, you’re in luck! 

13. Caramels are the most popular flavor in Valentine’s Day chocolate boxes. Nuts, cream filled, and coconut were runner ups. 

14. Venus is the Roman god of love and beauty, with her son Cupid the fitting mascot of Valentine’s Day. 

So if you haven’t already, go out and grab your heart-themed goodies and enjoy the day with someone you love. Be sure to remember that Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be about a romantic partner, but rather a day to celebrate anyone you care about. Happy Valentine’s Day to all!  


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