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How To Make Your Weekend Not Feel Like A Weekday!

We may or may not have lost count of how many days we’ve been working from home. We mentioned in an earlier article that it’s very important to have balance between your work and your home life. We know this is very difficult when your home also becomes your office. Here are some ways to spend your weekend and have it not feel like just any other day of the week!

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WFH Healthy Snack Ideas!

If you are anything like me, you are up checking the fridge and the cabinets every 30 minutes to see if something will magically appear that I find appetizing while I work from home. Yet, nothing ever appears. After looking around online for healthy snack options, I found that there are only a few ingredients that you need in order to have a week full of healthy snacks. 

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How to Help Your Community During the Holidays

During this time of year, we get to celebrate a lot of special moments. Not just the
holidays themselves, but spending time with loved ones, reconnecting with old friends while
back in our hometowns, finding out what great news everyone has to share, watching each
other tear apart wrapping paper awaiting the exclamation after getting a gift they’ve hoped for,
and overall focusing on what we do have, instead of the have nots.

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The Games Club NOW Open in Abingdon!

The Games Club welcomes everyone who wants to relax and have a good time with friends, or maybe make some new ones over a game or two. They have something for all ages, so of course bring your toddlers, teens and all their friends! Come out and enjoy delicious food and beverages over your all-time favorite games! They are located in Abingdon at The BOULEVARD at Box Hill: 3473 Merchants Blvd, Ste G. Abingdon, MD, 21009.

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Celebrating the Holidays in Harford County

Now that Thanksgiving is a memory, the holiday season is in full swing. Whether it’s going into town and battling the traffic to get in and out of the shopping centers, or you’re clicking your mouse as fast as you can to get your Prime orders delivered, it’s best to make time for you and yours to enjoy something besides the gifts that will be handed out.

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