Most of us have a love hate relationship with spring cleaning. We LOVE a fresh clean house but the journey to one is safe to say a less than desirable set of tasks. Here are some fun ways to clean and spend quality time with your family!

 Turn it in to a song

If you’ve ever watched kids television you know they LOVE music. So when you have a little one who is fond of fun tunes try making cleaning tasks into a song! You can take their favorite song and give it a twist or use Pinterest to find one your little one likes best. 

Click here for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!


Make it a game

  • Laundry Toss: Gather your kids, get them to gather the laundry and see how many “baskets” everyone can make with the dirty laundry. 
  • Dust Dance Party: Get the dusters, hit play on the boombox and get dancing! The most creative dance that also is the most effective for dusting gets a prize!
  • Hidden Treasure: Hide something the kids want! Maybe it’s a toy, a treat or an item that represents an activity the finder of the treasure gets. Hide it somewhere that they would find it while leaning. Simple rules, you MUST be cleaning when it is found!

Examples of other games and variations of the ones above.


Mess it up, then clean it up

This one is the most fun! Let them go CRAZY and make a mess, but remind them that they will have to clean the entire room once it’s done. This one works best with windows, toys and other more practical things for kids to clean. We recommend window paint!


Turn it into a lesson

That’s right we’re color coding! It’s ROY G BIV time! This is great with toys like legos or blocks. It also works well with clothing like socks, baby clothes and scarves. You can also teach them how to alphabetize things like books! Besides color coding and alphabetizing  you can also do this with kitchenware, shoes, jackets and other household items. 


Now for the checklist

You can create your own or use one from the internet. You can have a one time cleaning checklist, a spring cleaning list, a weekly, monthly seasonally or monthly list! 

Here are a few creative cleaning checklists!