This week for our Feature Friday, we made our way to Havre de Grace to check out JoRetro and we fell in love. Jolene Forrester, founder, owner, and Havre de Grace native showed me around the shop and gave me background on how the store came to be.  

Jolene was a commercial interior designer for over 30 years. As a hobby through those years, her and her sister started an antique booth at Bahoukas Antique Mall. They had a passion for antiques that they inherited from their father who was a lifelong collector. The “Jo” in JoRetro is a dedication to him.  

Jolene and her son Luke, who helps her run the business, started out on Franklin Street and then moved to their new location on North Washington Street, where they have been for three years. “There is no place else I would want to have a shop,” claimed Jolene. Her passion is vintage Pyrex. The goal for JoRetro is to have the largest collection possible. I have to say, their collection is AMAZING! There is a set from every era you can possibly image. For five years, JoRetro and the Havre de Grace Alliance has hosted the Pyrex and Vintage Fest with other 60 vendors and collectors in attendance. They hope to have their next one in September 2021. 

Not only do they sell Pyrex, but they have added to their vintage collection over the years. They have gifts, stationary, mid-century modern bar ware, records, and clothing dating back to the 40s. They will be releasing a 1950s style dress line soon!  

JoRetro works with local artists to help make their shop the best. Everything in the store is recycled or upcycled vintage goods. That is what makes it so special! “We pride ourselves on selling useable vintage, not collectibles,” stated Jolene. They buy back from individuals who have vintage items. Get this, if they have broken Pyrex, they have a Baltimore Artist who turns it into jewelry! How cool is that? 

There is something here for everyone! For me, walking into JoRetro brought back a lot of memories and there is no place like it. Last but not least, some exclusive news…above JoRetro, Jolene is in the midst of putting the final touches on her mid-century modern themed AirBnB that will become available in March. The first theme is 1940s Pyrex. Can you guess what it might look like?  

Website: Shop Online!  

Instagram: @joretro 

Facebook: @joretrovintagemarket