Our sense of smell is a powerful thing. Has an aroma, scent or smell ever brought to mind something from the past? Have you thought to yourself what does that smell remind me of? That’s because our sense of smell is tied to our memories and emotions. What would you say if I told you that there was a place right here in Harford County where you can make new memories and create unique custom signature scents 

Aroma Candle Studio has planted roots on Main Street in Bel Air. It’s a custom candle pour experience. It’s perfect for a date night, a birthday gettogether or a casual family outing. Owners, Marc and Wendy Mills opened their Studio in November of 2019 after visiting a shop with a similar concept. They offer over 90 fragrances which include your favorite seasonal smells and all of their products are hand poured right in the 18 S Main Street Studio. 

“We want to offer something unique to the community that also brings people together,” stated Wendy. It truly is a place where you can spend quality time with family and friends.  

The process is simple. You receive a clipboard with the steps on it and head to the scent wall to pick your top 10 favorites. Then, you smell combinations of what you think would work well together based on the scents you have picked. Once your scents are chosen, you select the products you want to create. Currently, at Aroma Candle Studio you can choose to make candles, wax melts, an Aromatic Mist (room/body spray), bath salts, lotions, and more! Then, you take a seat at the Fragrance Bar where you blend your signature scent using their oils. You’ll also design a label for your custom products all under the guidance of one of their Scent Consultants. It’s that easy. I personally went through the process by myself and had a BLAST! The staff is amazing and the atmosphere, not only smells good, but is very welcoming.  

If you haven’t been to Aroma Candle studio, you should check it out. They have something for everyone.  


Instagram: @AromaCandleStudio 

Website: www.aromacandlestudio.com 

Facebook: @AromaCandleStudio