Some may argue that the best part of Halloween is getting to dress up and decorate, but others argue that the best part is collecting as much candy as you can get! We love candy here at Harford Lifestyle so we decided to dive more into some fun Halloween Candy statistics.  

Fact #1: A test was done at Daily Burn Blog and approximately 1,600 pieces of candy can fit into a standard pillow case!  

Fact #2: Hershey begins making seasonal candy six months in advance. All of the Hershey Halloween candy you consume was made in the spring time in order to hit the shelves on time.  

Fact #3: On a non-Covid Halloween, Americans spend around $2.6 billion on Halloween candy. So much candy is sold that it could fill SIX Titanic ships of sweets 

Fact #4: 35 million pounds of candy corn are made each year which is equivalent to about 9 billion pieces. Did you know October 30th was deemed Nation Candy Corn Day?  

Fact #5: In a poll done by Business Insider, 70% of respondents said that chocolate was their favorite type of Halloween candy.