Call it a comeback. Back by popular demand of restaurant owners of Harford County (clap for that), Restaurant Week is here from January 17th-26th. Yes, that’s two full weekends of opportunity to check out a new place to call your regular or double up on your favorite dish. With great lunch and daily options available, you can even fit it into a busy work week. Of course, if this is something you’ve known about since its inception, there’s perfect places to make a momentous occasion, too.

Humagalas, a one-off concept developed by members of the Greene Turtle group, is the perfect chill atmosphere for any night. Serving pizzas with flavors that hit every line of the spectrum, and burger selections for the most carnivorous to the plant based, ‘Galas is the destination for everyone. Get a group text started, reserve a table or booth in their well-appointed interior, and catch up with some friends over a meal that makes its own conversation. P.s. two drinks included.

For a day-date paired with a movie, Uncles’ has a $15 per person two course lunch menu with authentic Hawaiian flavor combinations. Heavy on the meat proteins, the Pipeline Potstickers for a first course, and the Shrimp Tacos for the entree make for lighter fare. Want to eat like you’re at the luau?  B.Y.O. Poke Bowl and Kalua Pig. Say Aloha to flavors from the Pacific Islands right in Fallston.

If it’s date night, or you want the Story ready locales, Pairings, MacGregor’s, and Barrett’s On The Pike held no reservations (though you probably should for these dining rooms) creating menus for bonafide eating readily available in Harford County. Offering a three-course curation with French Creole hints, Pairings includes wine — ahem — pairings selected to accent the palette. Go for the Shrimp and Grits if you haven’t given it a try before. Thank me later. Nestled along the water in our scenic Havre De Grace, MacGregors was my generation’s hotspot for the before dance dinners in high school. It was like dining in Hollywood before walking the proverbial red carpet. Make no mistake though, this $24 three-act-story featuring writing like Pan-fried Softshell Crabs and Deconstructed Pineapple Upside Down Cake, make the dialog is the star of the show. I suggest a sunset dinner service. If you’d rather stay in town, Barrett’s offers in town delicacies including Bacon Wrapped Scallops, Flourless Chocolate Cake (a national treasure), with jumbo lump crabcakes or lobster ravioli riding in the second slot. Yeah, I know. I’m hungry too.

Get out of town (or stay in town, that’s fine too) and see what hospitality in Harford County should be. Great establishments are more than just their food. They are also the staff, the cooks, and everyone a part of running the show. Check In, mention, tag, shout from your rooftops about the great experiences you have. Well executed restaurants are the Broadway headliners of dining. And, always tip your server for their hard work.