Poppi Company is all about bringing the West Coast pop-up picnic vibe to the East Coast! Sisters Emily and Beka, have combined their passions for interior design and style to bring the experience of an intimate picnic setting to life.  

This duo started Poppi as their weekend hobby and are continuing to grow. It all started with their little sister’s birthday when they staged a picnic to gather and celebrate. The response on social media was amazing and before they knew it, they were getting messages from numerous people asking if they could come set up one for their special occasion. Covid gave them the opportunity to put together small get-togethers for families when that was all that they were able to do.  

They network with many small local businesses when it comes to décor. To accommodate picnics in the colder months, they purchased a 16 ft tent that allows for indoor setting with heat. Even though this isn’t their full-time job, they have a passion for what they do and for bringing some smiles to people’s faces.