Today, we have some of the best medical practices and wellness spas in the entire state. We have adapted Western medicine practices that you can’t find just anywhere. One of those wellness spas is Zema Cryo, or as some of you may know it, Z-Cryo, located right here in the heart of Bel Air

“The word cryotherapy comes from the Greek language, “Cryo” meaning cold and “therapia” which means to cure.”* This service may be new to the area, but not in the world of health! It has been around for thousands of years and was used to fight disease. “Cryo can be intimidating, especially when reading about it,” stated General Manager, Ashley Abbott.  

Z Cyro was brought to Bel Air by the owners who travel between here and the West Coast. After doing Cryo therapy out west to treat inflammatory issues, the results were magical. In Harford County, Bel Air is seen as the heart. The community is very health conscious and it seemed like the perfect place to add these wellness treatments. Harford County is also home to many, many growing athletes who playing sports year-round. This puts stress on their growing bodies and Cryo therapy along with the other services they provide, can help with that! 

Some of the other services besides the cold chamber include, Cryofacials, localized Cryo therapy that targets a specific pain spot on your body (i.e. ankle), NormaTec compression therapy, oxidated stress relief, red light therapy, and a few more that you can find listed on their website.  

I will leave you with this. I played college lacrosse and the one thing I always hated was ice baths after practices and games. I was very nervous to do the Cryo Chamber, but I did and I felt AMAZING afterwards. It is a must try if you are looking for alternative practices for pain relief. Give Z-Cryo a call today to take your next step towards feeling better!  


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