SlimLife Health and Wellness has had roots in the Festival for over ten years now. Formerly known as just a weight loss program, SlimLife has added med-spa treatments to their wheelhouse over the past four years. Their goal is to always find new ways to help people look and feel like the best version of themselves and stay consistent in their efforts.   

SlimLife is always looking for ways to improve lifestyles. When Covid hit, they continued to counsel their weight loss clients virtually. Now on their list of services you will find Cryoskin(fat freezing), IV therapy, Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, B12 Injections, Botox and dermal fillers, and laser hair removal. There is a little something for everyone at SlimLife Health and Wellness.   

With summer just around the corner, be sure to check out SlimLife to see how they can help you make the transformation to a healthier lifestyle.