Did you know that according to the Harford County Office of Economic Development, approximately 11.4% of households in Harford County have an annual income of $24,999 or less and 6.3% of these households have an income less than $15,000. In Bel Air, churches are receiving calls every day from families that are in need of every day, essential items. That is where the Sharing Center would come into play.  

The Bel Air Sharing Center is a 501c3 non-profit and is modeled from an established Christian Sharing Center in Longwood, Florida. The idea is that the center would be the primary place for individuals to call when they are in need of resources or assistance in their daily lives. The center would consist of the following stores; the donation center, the food pantry, the counseling center, the oasis, the thrift store, the boutique, the coffee café, and the meeting place. Watch the video to learn more about all of the ways you can help out today!  

Visit www.bashare.org OR www.smlc.org