Harford County, Maryland is home to many successful individuals. It has been home to Olympic athletes, musicians, TV and radio personalities and many more. I had the chance to sit down with Karen Howard Sposato from Sposato Wines and hear more about her journey to success.  

Karen was born and raised in Harford County, Maryland. She attended North Harford High School and then went on to attend Salisbury University in Maryland to study elementary education.  After graduation Karen and her business partner Tony Sposato settled in Milton, Delaware where they started their landscape business while continuing their teaching careers.  After having children, Karen decided to dedicate her time to them and Tony left his teaching career to concentrate full time on the landscaping business.  After years of building the landscaping company, in 2008, they decided it was time to start a new line of business.  After researching the wine business, they purchased 250 acres of virgin ground in Argentina to start a vineyard. This was a huge risk for them to start a new line of business. In just 9 years, they had built a family vineyard from the ground up. “When you find what you love, that’s what you do,” Karen stated. They spend lots of time on the grounds working to create different wines and deliver the best product to their consumers.  

Sposato Wines has a proud presence in Harford County, the original hometown of their leading lady. Karen is always looking to support where she can and continues to be involved in wine events that promote Local Restaurants and Liquor Stores that Feature her Spectacular Argentine Wine Portfolio. 

If you are interested in supporting a Harford County native, click here to see where you can purchase Sposato Wine. There is a wine for everyone. When Karen was asked which wine she recommended, “everyone’s taste is different. Malbec is the flagship grape of Argentina,” so be sure to give it a try!  

Visit her website www.sposatofamilyvineyards.com for more information and be sure to give her a follow on Instagram and Facebook to see when she has tastings in the area. She was recently on WRDE-TV so be sure to check out that interview to hear more about Karen and Sposato Wines!