Imagine telling someone about a dream trip you would love to go on and all you have to do it show up to the airport with your bags packed. Caitlin White can help you with that! I sat down with her to get the inside scoop on what it’s like to be a travel agent for Wishes Family Travel.  


Caitlin, a Harford County native, has made it her mission to help people travel and experience the trip of a lifetime. Becoming a travel agent peaked her interest when planning a trip for her own family. They wanted to take a trip to Universal so they decided to hire a travel agent. “I was thrilled with the attentiveness and knowledge that she showed,” stated Caitlin. The rest is history.  


She began her career with Wishes two years ago. All of her work is complimentary and she has helped people plan honeymoons, getaways, and family trips. She says one of the best parts of the job is traveling and learning all about different towns, resorts, cities, and countries. They can plan a trip for you anywhere in the world.  


Wishes Family Travel  prides themselves on being an all women company and sticking to the three T’s; trained, travelled, and trusted. There is constantly training and more education for the agents. If you are considering a trip in the future, I highly suggest using a travel agent like Caitlin. Seeing her passion and excitement when she talks about planning a trip for a client is truly remarkable.  


You can email her at or call her at 443-299-9197