Entrepreneurs have that unique ability to see things that others never imagine. And they have the fortitude to take that risk where their peers would simply walk away. Such was the case for one of our local visionaries back in 2015 when Richard Anderson and his son, David stood at the head of Main Street in Bel Air. Richard asked his son what was missing as they looked down the street at all the other businesses. David answered, “There isn’t a place in our town for genuine fine dining”. This is where the idea and vision for One Eleven Main was born – truly exquisite fine dining experience in downtown Bel Air.  

Richard, owner of seafood establishments Seafood Stop in Benson and Richard’s in Churchville, and his son developed their new restaurant with attention to the details – the signature of “fine dining”. Every element of the atmosphere is carefully woven together – the lighting, the table settings, the artwork and the wood finishes. This, coupled with a menu offering eclectic offerings by Chef Bryan Boessel, consisting of seasonal plates, elevated mains, and craft cocktails, make One Eleven Main the perfect spot for any special occasion. Chef Boessel brings years of fine dining expertise to Bel Air from experiences at the Milton Inn and other French Cuisine restaurants. 

The guest experience is paramount as any fine dining restaurant and this is another facet of One Eleven Main’s expertise. General Manager Kristen Oktavec explains, “Our goal is to create a genuine sense of hospitality to our guests, sharing our passion for contemporary culinary traditions while using the freshest ingredients from local farmers, purveyors and fishermen.” Impeccable service is also essential and both Richard and Kristen commented about the quality of their entire staff. 

Covid has been very difficult on restaurants and One Eleven Main is no exception. However, vision and execution has helped this restaurant during tough times. Carry-out was part of Richard’s strengths and he has found a way to deliver fine dining through a carryout experience. And, working with local officials, One Eleven Main offer outdoor dining as well. Careful attention to the details has helped One Eleven Main weather difficult seas and positioned them to continue Bel Air’s fine dining experience.