Every November we reflect on the things that we have been thankful for throughout the past year. 2020 has certainly presented its challenges, which makes it hard to find the positive in the sea of negative. Besides being grateful for family, friends, my health, and my job, I am also thankful for Harford County.  

My parents were both born and raised in “Harco” and there is nowhere else I rather be living, pandemic or not. Covid has brought the opportunity for residents to see the amount of support that drives this community. Our county thrives off of local businesses and when they were at jeopardy, we stepped up to the plate to make sure that those business owners felt the love and support.  

This fall, I took on the task of starting up a Feature Friday segment on our website in order to help these local businesses continue to get the word out about their services. Over the course of the past 3 months, I have had the chance to sit down with over a dozen different small businesses and their owners/staff. The amount of hard work and dedication that these individuals have put into making sure they continue to serve their customers is admirable. The power of referral goes a long way in this community and I am so proud to be from a place that when the going gets tough, we turn to each other for a pick-me-up!