Love Evolution Yoga Studio is a family yoga studio! Their doors are open for everyone and anyone who is looking to practice yoga, at any level, and make a few new friends along the way. Just walking into the space, you get a sense of comfort.
Meghan Biemiller has been a Har-Co resident for about 17 years now and developed a love for hot yoga in 2014. After searching for a local yoga home she became the owner of LES in 2017. The most important thing for Meghan and the “family” at LES is providing a sense of community and belonging.  The yoga is important and LES is fortunate to have some of the best teachers around, but equally important is the welcoming and inclusive nature of the studio.  From the immediate embracing of new members and guests, to the personal friendships formed between students and teachers to partnering with neighboring small businesses and working with a local non-profit whose goal is to provide yoga to people who would otherwise not have access to it, Love Evolution is about living the complete yoga philosophy.
One thing that sets Love Evolution apart from others in the county, is that they offer yoga for kids as well. During Covid, they adapted to the challenges and went virtual and are offering outdoor classes. The big dream for Meghan and Love Evolution is a big storefront on Main Street. There is a class for everyone at the studio so be sure to check them out!