The Dream Home Team is built on pride, loyalty, and integrity. Formerly known as the Vurganov Group founded in 2011, The Dream Home Team is looking forward to continuing their mission. Jim Ferguson—founder of the Dream Home Team, has deep roots here in Harford County. As a part of the first graduating class of Abingdon Elementary, he knows Harford County and everything it has to offer. Being a part of the Vurganov Group originally, Jim was taught by the best. He is now able to mentor young, hungry, and talented agents that have joined the team. What started with just two agents has grown to 19 and climbing. “We have a very diverse team from race, age, and experience,” stated Ferguson.  

What also sets them apart from their competition is their onboarding structure with agents. They pride themselves on teaching. “We operate as a family here. We do things right and by the book.” When asked to describe what it’s like working for Dream Home Team, the response was what everyone loves to hear. They operate with the Google mentality. Creativity is encouraged, teamwork is valued, and hard-work is rewarded. “We are all here to watch each other grow. I love the environment, culture, guidance, and support I get here from everyone at Dream Home Team,” claimed agent George Nickels. 

The name Dream Home Team comes from the idea that they love helping people make their dreams come true. They look forward to continuing to be active within the community.  

To learn more about the Dream Home Team community involvement and what you can do to help, take a moment to watch the above interview and hear about the holiday drive for the non-profit, Don’t Stop Believing.