Every time there is a special occasion in my family, we look for a new local restaurant to try out. Last Friday we chose Bacco in Abingdon to celebrate my mother’s birthday. From the minute I called to place the reservation, the service couldn’t have been better. We sat outside in their courtyard and had beautiful views of the sunset. Our waitress, Taylor was so personable and made us feel right at home.  

Before I talk about all the food we ordered, can I just say that the bread they bring you before your meal is the BEST bread I’ve ever had. Fresh, warm, and accompanied by a small plate of oil, balsamic, and garlic mixture. We ordered the fried calamari and the crab bruschetta. Everything was made to perfection.  

 For the main course we ordered the ahi tuna which came with garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli. We also ordered their lobster ravioli. Hands down the best meal I have had in a long time. The tuna was cooked the perfect amount and the spicy mustard sauce was delicious (if they sold it in bottles, I would have left with a couple of those!) The sauce on the ravioli was called a saffron cream sauce. The staff, being super knowledgeable, explained to us that saffron is a spice and when cooked it creates this beautiful golden color and adds a great taste that pairs well with seafood. Boy, are we glad we listened to Taylor on that one. After dinner, we were greeted by a manager who was asking how our night was going and we got an amazing slice of limoncello cake! As the sun went down, the courtyard lights came on and the fire places were brought out. I truly felt like I had transported to another place. It was the perfect end to an evening.  

I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a great evening to spend with the family. I cannot wait for the next special occasion so my family can go back.