This year has had its ups and downs just like any other year has, but this one certainly will be one for the books. Looking back on 2020, there was plenty of good things that we can choose to reflect on rather than all of the chaos that occurred.  

Celebrate the Little Things 

We all experience little wins throughout our days. Getting up in the morning to go to work, little win. Making a fantastic cup of coffee, little win. Getting all of the laundry washed, little win! All of these things add up and help to drive us in our day to day lives. A win is a win no matter how small.  

Be a Fountain, Not a Drain 

One thing I will take away from this year is that we never know what the person next to us can be going through. Social media can show us a very different story. We need to be sure that we are spreading kindness when we can. That also means being kind to ourselves, which leads me to the next lesson… 

It’s OK to Put Yourself First  

If we have learned one thing about a pandemic, it’s that it can change the way you feel about yourself. It’s ok to ask for help. It’s ok to need to slow down and take time to get yourself better first. Caring for yourself first isn’t selfish, it’s important!  

It’s Never Too Late… 

How many people can say that this year has made them step back and think about where they are in their life? With the closing of businesses came the loss of jobs. It allowed community members to make more time for their hobbies and turn them into fulltime passions. No matter where you are in your life, you can always set new goals for yourself. 

Family Time is Important 

Whether you had family down the road or across the country, spending time with them looked a little different this year. If you are anything like me, you lean on family during tough times. It’s important to stay in touch. Our hearts go out to everyone who has lost loved ones due to the pandemic. Don’t assume your family members know you love them; tell them.  

2020, you might not be so dearly missed, but thank you for teaching us a few things along the way. Here is to 2021!