We recently had the chance to speak with the founder of the Harford County division of Atlantic Rottweiler Rescue & Friends, Jamie Hundt! Started and based out of North Carolina, ARRF is a volunteer-based rescue—not a shelter. Being foster based means there is no location to hold the dogs. Rescues are responsible for saving animals and finding them a foster home until they are adopted.  

While their name might give a different implication, ARRF is open to all dog breeds and not specifically Rottweilers. Atlantic Rottweiler Rescue & Friends came from spreading awareness about JLPP (Juvenile Laryngeal Paralysis and Polyneuropathy) in Rottweilers, and how it is important to have the dogs tested for the disease before being bred. JLPP is a genetic disease found mostly in Rottweilers. The disease affects neurological signals traveling from the brain to nerves. Treatment for JLPP is very limited, but the disease is deadly. It leads to the dog having muscle weakness, coordination issues, problems swallowing, and other complications.  

Jamie started ARRF’s Harford County branch in 2018, and is always looking for additional volunteers! Whether it’s picking up supplies, taking a rescue to a vet appointment, or recruiting new foster families, help is consistently needed and appreciated. If volunteering isn’t an option—donating toys, treats, food, cages, leashes, or anything pet related is a huge help! Follow ARRF on Facebook @ARRFMD, or consider donating to their PayPal @ARRFNC. Donations are helpful due to several animals coming to the rescue needing medications, surgery, or exams.  

If you are interested in fostering, applications are available on ARRF’s website, www.arrfnc.com. There is also a fostering/volunteer Facebook page titled “ARRF MD Volunteer & Foster” that you may join to help, https://www.facebook.com/groups/315317967067134/ 

For those looking to adopt a rescue, visit ARRF’s Facebook page @ARRFMD. New posts will be made when an animal is available for adoption!