Extreme Family Outreach is a nonprofit organization that was established in 2004 by husband and wife, Steve and Marlyn Gambrill. Before they started Extreme Family Outreach, they were involved in their church outreaches and they saw neighborhoods within the community that were in need. They wanted to start a nonprofit that would help reach those children in need. Completing training in New York City, with Metro World Child that serves the largest sidewalk Sunday school in the world they adapted a sidewalk program model that they would continue to build on for years to come.   

Today, Extreme Family Outreach visits ten neighborhoods in Harford County that are in need of resources and a light to help guide them in the right direction. Volunteers in each neighborhood are spreading and teaching the gospel, working on developing social skills, life lessons, and self-love. These core values are putting the youth on a path towards success. Building relationships with the kids and their families is most important thing to members of the Extreme Family Outreach.   

The Outreach program has doubled in size through Covid and has continued to meet the needs of these communities. “These kids are loving, easy to reach and respectful,” said founder Marlyn Gambrill. They encourage kids to stay in school, maintain good grades, and say no to drug use. They offer a youth program that allows children in middle school and above a chance to be a leader within their communities.   

One By One Child Partnership Specialist, April Cheatham, was brought on board after seeing the difference that Extreme Family Outreach had on her children and her community. “Marlyn was like you are destined for greatness, come work with us. I was scared. I didn’t think I could,” said April. But she joined the Outreach family and began working one on one with families to find out who was in need of what. Home visits are a huge part of the program as well. In the winter, hats and scarves were handed out to each child, for back-to-school season, kids were given school supplies, and in the summer, children were able to participate in summer camp sessions. At Thanksgiving time, Extreme Family Outreach was able to supply over 300 dinners including the pan too cook the turkey in, to families in need. That’s incredible!  

There are a few ways we can continue to help Extreme Family Outreach as a community. There are two events hosted by the organization each year. The first event is Rewrite a Child’s Story Treasure of you Dinner Auction celebrating the lives of those changed. There is everything from both silent and live auctions, to dancing, and fabulous food and it will be held June 25th at the Richlin Ballroom. The second event is their Golf Event on September 10, 2021. Visit their website for more information today!  

Extreme Family Outreach will always take donations, whether it be school supplies, toys, or food for their food pantry. This team has truly helped families through tough times recently and they have been a constant light to those in need. After sitting down with Marlyn, Steve, and April, I was amazed to hear all that they do and continue to do. They are always looking for new ways to bring positive change about. They are always in need of volunteers to help in any way possible. For more info, please visit www.extremefamilyoutreach.com