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Z-Cryo – Feature Friday

Today, we have some of the best medical practices and wellness spas in the entire state. We have adapted Western medicine practices that you can’t find just anywhere. One of those wellness spas is Zema Cryo, or as some of you may know it, Z-Cryo, located right here in the heart of Bel Air. 

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On-The-Go Healthy Smoothies!

We all know it’s hard to eat healthy when we are constantly on the go. We tend to skip meals or grab the most convenient snack we can find. Lucky for you, we have some easy smoothie recipes for everyone! These are perfect to make the night before a long day and you grab and go in the morning. Before we get to the recipes, we have a few tips for you!

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Healthy Twist on a Classic Thanksgiving Dish

Before we put the gas pedal on Christmas cheer, we wanted to make sure we highlight our favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. I know 2020 has not been ideal and this holiday season might be different for some, so we wanted to give you some new recipes to try. Many families will not be travelling this year which is upsetting, we know, but to look at it in a positive light, this might be the year to try that new healthy dish for you and your family to enjoy!   

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BeachBee Yoga and SUP – Feature Friday

Yoga has been known to help individuals in a number of ways, whether it’s to relieve them of stress, give them more “me” time, or even to get stronger both mentally and physically. BeachBee Yoga offers all of that and more! Located in Havre de Grace, BeachBee Yoga is the perfect place for individuals who may just be starting out or for individuals who are experienced yogis.

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