Halotherapy, also known as Salt therapy, is a holistic health approach that has numerous health benefits. We met with Lauren Moseley, founder, and owner of SALT Works Spa in Bel Air, MD to learn more about her business and what this amazing spa has to offer.

Moseley started her career in the medical field as an X-ray technologist in 1996. She developed a passion for learning more about holistic health practices and what they could do for one’s overall health. After researching more, she geared her sights towards Salt Therapy and got to work! In 2018, SALT Works was not just a dream, but a business with a storefront. 

Moseley wanted to bring the idea of affordable self-care to the word spa with a focus more on body and mind. There is literally something for everyone here at SALT Works. They offer your more traditional spa services like massage, reflexology and facials but incorporate many affordable luxury options also. Partnering with other likeminded wellness professionals, meditation classes, Acupuncture, health coaching, nutrition and exercise events are also offered. SALT Works vision is to see self-care become as routine as exercise. Having affordable options makes it effortless. SALT Works put together a staff of top-notch professionals who love what they do, and it shows. From the minute you walk in the door, all your stress just melts away. 

Let us start with one of the four affordable luxury options available. The Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna by Sunlighten. Not only is this a great way to detox, but you can relax with your choice of a guided meditation, Spotify music selection or Netflix video streaming to enjoy during your session.  There is chromotherapy ambient lighting and six different wellness programs to choose from: detox, weight loss, cardiovascular, anti-aging, relaxation, and pain relief. Your private room is stocked with all the needed essentials for your perfect wellness escape.

Next up, the Jade Bed. This FDA approved physiotherapy table is based on Chiropractic and Acupressure principles. While lying down comfortably, smooth heated Jade rollers massage from head to toe all along acupressure points to relieve tight sore muscles and joints. This 30-minute relaxing session is ideal for mid-and lower back pain. SALT Works even adds complimentary aromatherapy to enjoy.

There is also the Zen Bed. This bed is a deep heat treatment that can provide relief to stiff muscles and joints everywhere. It is ideal for neck and shoulder pain. It utilizes a pulsed electromagnetic moving magnetic field that helps with inflammation by giving you a cellular tune-up for your whole body. There is a 3-minute video by Dr. Oz about this treatment on SALT Works website to learn more. 

Finally, the beautiful salt therapy room. Your only job is to recline back, relax and let the salt work its magic! Powered by a Halogenerator, “this machine grounds pharmaceutical grade pure salt into a micronized dry aerosol and releases it into the air in the salt room. Salt is naturally antibacterial and naturally hygroscopic (absorbing). Breathing this in acts as a detoxifying toothbrush and sponge for your whole respiratory tract and sinuses. Salt is also amazing for the skin.” This salt room is a must see!

Moseley has created an environment that is relaxing, welcoming, and healthy for everyone. On top of all the wonderful services the spa provides, they also have their own line of products called Elemental and she continues to support the community by selling local artists’ work. SALT really does work! Visit her today and see how halotherapy and their many other services could benefit you!


Website: www.saltworksspa.com  

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