Vinyl records are making a comeback. Whether you’re dusting off a vintage player from the basement that has been in the family for years or just bought your first record player, REB Records has something for everyone!  

REB Records began with the owners purchasing an inventory of 20,000 records from a record store that had just closed. After sorting out the albums, they opened up an online site. The response was amazing, so they decided to look for a store front. In August of 2019, REB Records landed in the Armory Marketplace located in Bel Air. The store has done everything in its power to make the best of their situation during Covid. They offered delivery service and phone payments during the restrictions.  

“We have had our best months ever since Covid,” General Manager, Jason Chaillou claimed.  

REB has amped up their online presence with social media and even a newly launched website that offers a pickup option. 

In the store, you will find records of every genre — from grunge to jazz to hip-hop to today’s hits. If you don’t see what you want on the shelf, no worries! The staff at REB can special order your request. “We love to talk music with our customers and suggest new music to them,” stated Chaillou. “There is something about coming into the store and picking out your own record.” On top of selling records, they also purchase used record collections. If you have records that you have been looking to sell, talk to REB Records today!  




Facebook: REBRecordsMD