During the pandemic, people all over were taking up new hobbies to keep busy. Well this hobby turned out to be a new full-time gig for Harford County native, Terri Robinson.  

“It started out as pandemic boredom. I painted one for myself and posted a picture to Facebook and the next thing I know, everyone wanted one,” Robinson proclaimed.  

She has painted quilt squares for people in Colorado, Washington D.C., Indiana, Florida, and a few other states. That’s the power of social media. Robinson tailors the quilt squares to match any idea her clients may have. She starts by drawing up her designs on graph paper before transferring them to the board. She has even got her husband helping by making the frames for the finished products.  

Robinson got her start in 4-H when she was younger by making clothes and then in 2014 when her daughter was getting married, she got into sewing quilts. As the years have passed, she has said goodbye to the thread and hello to paint! To order yours or to see any visuals of current projects, visit her Facebook page to see what she can do for you.  

Facebook: Forget the Thread Quilt Squares