The Amory Marketplace is now the home to Harford County’s first plant store, Explorganics! Owner and Operator, Shannon Greaver has always had a green thumb and a love for small businesses. Explorganics got its start about three years ago under the name ExplorBoxes, which shipped artisan handmade products from Maryland. The goal of the boxes was to promote small businesses with all natural, handmade products.  

This May, Shannon shifted gears and decided that she wanted to share her greenery skills with the residents of Harco. She began attending local farmer’s markets in June and building her following there. “I always wanted to open a plant shop, but I didn’t know how people would respond,” Shannon stated. After the amazing response from the markets, she was able to open her storefront this November.  

Shannon wanted to remain consistent in her efforts to promote small businesses, so with a little help from her friends, she was able to construct an artisan’s corner within the new store. M&E is one of the artists whose jewelry can be found at Explorganics. Shannon Luongo, creator of M&E Jewelry, has turned her hobby into a career. After losing her job due to Covid, Luongo decided to buy a clay kit and start designing jewelry. She created an Etsy page to measure the interest levels in her art. Jewelry making has become her full-time job due to the response from the community. “I don’t know the future, but it [making jewelry] will always be something I do on the side,” Luongo claimed.  

Along with M&E Jewelry, you can find Lemon Bubbly, macrame plant hangers, keychains, and diffusers. You can also find VRAIE shop products which are all-natural skincare products. There is even Terra Verde candles there for you to buy! Stop by Explorganics today and enjoy the most wonderful atmosphere!  

Fun Fact: The entire store was designed with restored furniture. “Everything in here was once someone else’s.” – Shannon Greaver  


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