Healing Hart Wellness is providing the community with the resources to navigate challenging situations in their lives. Therapists assist children, teens, and young adults with counseling for anxiety, ADHD, and big changes like a transition to college or divorce. They work directly with parents to help them manage behavior effectively, support their anxious children, or navigate raising a twice-exceptional (gifted + a challenge like ADHD) young person in today’s world. Their unique and neurodiversity-affirming approach allows for collaborative family sessions, one-on-one sessions, group therapy, and/or parent sessions either in the office in Bel Air or via telehealth for anyone in Maryland.  

Courtney Hart, the practice owner, and clinical therapist is intentionally growing her practice with clinicians interesting in developing expert skills to support young people in the community. Along with traditional therapy methods, Healing Hart Wellness offers specialized interventions like play, yoga, art, and walk and talk sessions to name a few. Courtney is trained in ERP for OCD treatment and, along with other therapists, SPACE treatment for parents of anxious children. With her therapy dog, Franklin, at her side, Courtney is excited to offer support to the community.  

Hart started her career in social work as a therapist at a behavioral health hospital before transitioning to school social work and then private practice. Offering the various specialized forms of therapy and a collaborative, affirming approach sets them apart from other local businesses.  

Healing Hart Wellness is a learning organization dedicated to an outstanding level of care, training Graduate Interns who are excited to offer sliding scale and even pro-bono supports to the community.  For more information and blog posts, please visit them at their website 

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